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    Cannot recommend Dr. Misra enough!! He took the time to educate me on my condition. He did not push pills on me, instead continued to educate me as to why he was prescribing this and why that was happening. He stayed in touch with me a week or so after, and was able to check up on me while I was on vacation!!!! . What kind of doctor does that?? this guy does. He is easily re-writing the book on patient physician relationship. No need to go and find a PCP when Dr. Misra is around!
  • I saw Doctor Misra a handful of times, and was very satisfied on each occasion! My biggest medical pet peeve is when doctors rush through an appointment, are not receptive to patient information, etc. We've all had that moment when we wonder "should I go to the doctor just to have him/her tell me something I already know, and then charge me X dollars?". With Doctor Misra, this was never a concern! Regardless of the cause of the appointment (dermatological, acid reflux, blood work, etc.) he was always receptive and helpful with addressing the present ailment. That all goes without saying, he's a super nice guy and fun to talk to! Hopefully, I'll be able to find more physicians in the future who are equally as attentive and helpful.

    ~ Stuart C

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  • Dr Misra is hands down the most inclusive, comprehensive and motivating medical professional I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am so grateful for his keen knowledge, insight and experience. He takes his time and is fully present with his patients. His technical references are vast. I'm beyond grateful to have found him and give him my highest recommendation.

    ~ Mick M

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  • I have been seeing Dr. Misra for approximately 8 months, in that time he has helped understand the importance of good body habits. These habits include exercise, good nutrition as well as focusing on your body. Thanks to him and the use of InBody to use as a measuring tool, I have lost 30 pounds and feel better than ever.

    ~ John D

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  • There is a reason that Dr. Misra has 5 stars. I came in as a patient doing a physical for work and the professionalism of this Dr. is amazing. He is well versed in the medical field not just only general Med but also sports injury. If you go to him I guarantee you will love his knowledge and how he cares about his patients.

    ~ Hanley C

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  • Dr.Misra has been very helpful and thoughtful towards my health concerns while he was my doctor. He went above and beyond to help me through an issue which was identified and resolved after I was no longer under my old insurance. He was great in adding scientific background when we discussed area for my health.

    ~ Amanda K

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  • I am a Nurse Practitioner student who studied with Dr. Misra. In the short few weeks that I was rotating with him I learned much more than I have with other preceptors in a longer period of time. He keeps up with the latest research and also pushes himself and his students to keep learning. I enjoyed the materials he provided as well as the discussions that followed. That is not to say how much Dr. Misra is involved in the local community, both in healthcare and in other areas! I was always astounded at how much attention Dr Misra gave his patients when he saw each of them. He has excellent listening and assessment skills and is very detail oriented. I loved that most of his practice focuses on the well being of the entire person, not just the illness. Even if a patient came in for an urgent issue, he always made sure to give each patient the attention and time they deserved. He is the provider I would like to take care of me and my family, without any hesitation. Highly recommend Dr. Misra as a provider, as a preceptor, and as a mentor.

    ~ Oksana P

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  • Dr Misra is a caring and knowledgeable doctor that is willing to spend time to explain his diagnosis. He listens to my questions without dismissing me and provides clear answers. Not only does he call to follow up on appointments, he even called after I went to Urgent Care to make sure I was doing better. He treats me as an individual and takes a holistic approach to understanding how to make me better. Thanks Doc!

    ~ Chris F

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  • I had the honor of working with Dr. Misra as a nurse practitioner student this past October. He transformed my perspective on primary care and preventative medicine and provided me a non-traditional approach to health and fitness. The In Body machine in his clinic is a useful tool used to foster insight on one's health status. It was a fantastic learning experience with Dr. Misra and I highly recommend him as potential mentor for students in the field of medicine or healthcare. The best part of the experience was practicing it.. we would have run during lunch.

    ~ Allyssa Marie M

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  • Dr. Misra is awesome! I've seen Dr. Misra for a few years now and he's treated me for almost everything, from personal injuries to a common cold. He sits down and truly gets to know his patients. He listens to what your pain/issue is and genuinely cares about your health. He's extremely knowledgeable and does not hesitate to educate you on how he came to his diagnosis. I appreciate his kindness and professionalism as well as our conversations around sports, especially Giants baseball! Dr. Misra is an amazing doctor and a super cool guy!

    ~ Sabrina C

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  • I had a wonderful learning opportunity with Dr. Misra as a student. His thoughtfulness, patience, and genuine care shows his dedication to his patients. Dr. Misra provides patient-centered care by addressing every concern. He goes above and beyond by getting to know his patients individually. Dr. Misra establishes effective, clear, and open communication and thoroughly explains medical concepts in a way that patients can understand. His depth of scientific and medical knowledge is beyond expectations, allowing him to practice at the very best. He provided me with current medical research and practices using a non-traditional approach to health. It was truly an invaluable experience with Dr. Misra! I hope our paths cross again someday in the future.

    ~ Tiffany W

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  • Dr. Misra is my primary care doctor, and I am so glad to have him. He is thoughtful in his analysis and offers a wealth of knowledge about how the human body operates. From his background in sports medicine he is able to bring an understanding to the table about all facets of health, fitness, and nutrition. In following his recommendations, I feel in better shape and healthier than I ever have before. He's also a great guy and I love coming in and catching up on sports talk. He really is a great doctor and again, I'm lucky to have him.

    ~ Chase R

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  • Dr Misra guided my ankle recovery and I am now back to running a marathon less than a year later!

    ~ Avinash R

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  • Never had a better doctor! He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and happy to spend time explaining how the body works, which I find to be very insightful. Every time we meet not only do I feel better, but I feel I have learned something new!

    ~ Kunal D.

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  • Dr. Misra is amazing! I met him at an Urgent Care clinic and was so impressed by his thoughtful nature and genuine concern for my health that I asked him to be my primary care doctor. Unlike so many other doctors, he takes the time to really explain the causes of whatever ails his patient. He also makes me feel totally comfortable about asking him tons of questions - he never seems to be in a rush to finish the appointment, even though I know he's a very busy doctor. Bonus: He's extremely responsive, so if I email him about a problem he'll get back to me right away, and make time for an appointment as soon as possible.

    ~ Sara M

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  • I approached Dr. Misra to learn more about the medical field, and he instantly fit me into his schedule, taking time time to help me out. His genuine interest other's work and personable manner really sets him apart from many professionals I've met in my career. It was a pleasure connecting with him.

    ~ Scottie Z

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  • It was an absolute pleasure being treated by Dr. Misra at US Health Works. As a nurse, I recognize and value true and genuine care when I am on the receiving end of treatment and the care provided by Dr. Misra was nothing short of excellent. Through the course of my treatment (which consisted of several appointments over a period of 7 months), he maintained an exceptional level of care and also remained in contact with me to make sure I was progressing as I should. With Dr. Misra, you'll never have to wonder if you'll be diagnosed and dismissed in terms of follow up care. He not only provided the required referrals needed for my case but also ensured that the provider on the other end followed through with the necessary treatment measures. Dr. Misra holistically cares for his patients and I am absolutely certain he will provide others with the same level of professionalism. I was blown away with the care I received and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. He is, without a doubt, one of the best doctors I have worked with.

    ~ Shem H.

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  • Dr. Misra is the best primary care doctor that I've had. He's attentive, responsive and very knowledgeable. I've seen him for multiple issues and have been more than pleased with his care every time. I highly recommend him!

    ~ CK U

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  • Dr. Misra diagnosed my wife's vertigo within a few minutes of performing an exam. He provided information regarding the ailment and reach out to us directly, regularly, until the condition corrected itself. Like many doctors, Dr. Misra is passionately interested in taking care of his patients and ensuring not only their quick recovery but readily offers counsel and answers health-related questions to encourage over-all health. He is our go-to doctor that we whole-heartedly recommend.

    ~ Gabriel A.

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  • Dr. Misra has been the most professional and welcoming doctor I have had the privilege to meet. I have seen him twice and every time he provides thoughtful insight on my health and how I can improve my life. I highly recommend dr. Misra for his outstanding expertise and care of his patients. He is what a doctor should model themselves after.

    ~ Johny P.

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  • Dr. Misra is awesome! He is a Doctor who stays current with medical research and techniques and is always sharing best practices and learnings (intermittent fasting and body scan). Dr. Misra is also very thoughtful and caring! He also must have the best memory because it seems we can just pick up where we left off which is amazing! Highly recommend!!!!

    ~ William C.

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  • Dr Misra is a kind, reassuring, encouraging, and honest physician and educator. I have been fortunate to precept as a Nurse Practitioner (NP) with Dr Misra for the past eight months and witnessed first hand his advocacy for patient centered care, calming demeanor when interacting with individuals, willingness to collaborate with the client to resolve insurance issues, and his desire to always treat patients equally regardless of insurance coverage. Dr Misra practices medicine with extreme sophistication always keeping the client's needs at the center of his work. As a future NP, he has made me feel comfortable and has elevated my practice to a higher level. His continuous mindset of teaching has kept me diligent to always seek educational opportunities and shown me how every patient interaction is a chance to provide the client with information in hopes of preventing future health related complications. I aspire to take away from my experience with Dr Misra his devotion to patient centered care, emphasis on education, along with the dignity and respect that he provides all clients. I would highly recommend Dr Misra as an educator and physician for anyone seeking a provider or teacher in the Bay Area.

    ~ Jacob A.

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  • Dr. Misra, I wanted to take this time to thank you for your excellent care in my treatment. I have been to several doctors over the last few years with my injury. You are simply awesome!! Not only did you take the time to explain my options, but you also took the time to make sure I understand that I as the patient should always come first. From the instance I was in your care, I never felt like just a number or a client. I felt welcomed and safe under your care. You are truly an asset to the medical field and please please keep providing your excellent care to us patients. I honestly wish there were more starts on here to give. Thank you again for everything and keep being the man!!!!

    ~ Andrei C.

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  • Dr. Misra is an amazing person and physician. I've rarely felt so comfortable and cared for by a medical provider. He is accessible. He is knowledgeable. He spends time getting to know you. He never rushes through an appointment. I trust him implicitly. And, the office staff - incredible!

    ~ Don H.

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  • Dr. Misra introduced me to this excellent InBody scanning that provides an awesome view into how your body is responding to your current exercise and nutrition plan. He's great at helping me craft personal insights to my individual wellness plan.

    ~ Tom M.

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  • I wish I could have Dr. Misra as my primary doctor. He identified my issue right away. He really cares about his patients and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks!

    ~ Erin Z.

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  • Dr. Misra is the best! My company has been lucky to open a Medical/Wellness Center with him as the primary physician on staff. Although I've unfortunately had to visit him for a countless variety of personal issues/injuries, I am beyond thankful to have him present and available at a moments notice. Dr. Misra makes every visit count, not only do we remedy my situations but he takes his time in discussing what is/may being going on as well as what he would "prescribe" as the solution. His examples help illustrate a more "down-to-earth" (normal person/dumbed down) explication, which always gives me a clear understanding of what's going on. He has excellent bedside-manner and makes every encounter feel very conversational. I also appreciate his eagerness to teach, as I've had a few different "students," I believe physician assistants or medical students shadowing him during my visits and he very articulately explains things to us both. Dr. Misra, again, is the best! Stellar physician and person! I truly appreciate him and all he does.

    ~ Amanda V.

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  • First and foremost, Thank you Dr. Misra. I tore my bicep from my elbow arm wrestling in Japan and it was a pretty scary, new experience for me. I had initially gone to Kaiser but after meeting with them I was still anxious and confused about what my future would hold. I'm very active and wanted to make sure I did everything possible to get my arm back in as good a condition as possible. As such I definitely wanted a second opinion as Kaiser gave me the impression that I didn't need surgery and would be fine with out it. But my issue wasn't with just getting by, i wanted to make sure I would be able to operate my arm in all the many ways i needed to in order to keep my lifestyle up. Dr Misra was able to schedule me in right away and took the time to fully explain to me all the ins and outs of a distal bicep rupture. He actually listened to what my real concerns were and addressed them in a way that really gave me a peace of mind and helped me feel more in control of what I was dealing with. I will be getting the surgery done this coming Monday and my doubts and anxiousness have all been put to rest because of my visit to Dr. Misra. So again, thank you very much. I definitely put my trust in his ability and should the need arise again he would be my first choice.

    ~ M S.

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  • Dr Misra is an amazing doctor that I have seen for many years in and off. I would recommend him for any injuries whether sports or work related. He is very interested in the patient as a whole person and takes the time with you. I particularly like him because he is not into just giving medications and sending you on your way. He utilizes Physical Therapy and other alternatives to alleviate pain and improve your health. Also he is knowledgeable of nutrition and supplements that can help you have better health.

    ~ Ann P.

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  • Easily the best doctor I've ever had. I particularly like how he explains his thought process and educates the patient as he begins to rule out possibilities and comes to his diagnosis. Dr. Misra has amazing bedside manner, genuinely cares about his patients, is extremely knowledgeable, and isn't hesitant to promote innovative solutions.

    ~ Raphael M.

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  • Dr. Anuruddh is amazing! He took time to accommodate me in his schedule for an early appointment before the holidays to give me some great guidance. Without wanting to talk too much about my medical situation, I want to say that Dr. Misra is a very honest physician and was able to educate me about things I could do to make my condition more manageable. He was calm and patient through the appointment and took the time to understand my medical history and work a way towards the next couple months before our follow up appointment.

    ~ Vishwanath R.

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  • Easily the best, most professional doctor I have ever been. I went in twice in a week to see Dr. Misra (I never go to the Dr.) and was nervous, especially seeing someone at an urgent care center. Both times I saw him he gave incredibly detailed, professional and easy to understand advice. While my ailments weren't serious, he treated them with the same professionalism and care reserved for top patients. I can't recommend Dr. Misra enough for his treatments, professionalism and just being a cool dude.

    ~ Justin S.

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  • Looking for the best doctor on the planet? Look no further than Dr. Misra! Even at my initial visit, Dr. Misra exceeded my expectations with his depth of knowledge and thorough explanations. Most doctors just want to treat your symptoms, give you drugs, and move to the next patient - Not Dr. Misra. He takes the time to not just treat your symptoms, but he also digs deeper to find the source of your symptoms, and works on a plan to improve your health. He truly cares about your well-being and applies his vast medical experience in helping you become healthy. He's very thoughtul and patient, with a full understanding of how to optimize the human body. I appreciate every visit with Dr. Misra and hope he's my primary doctor for many years to come!

    ~ Kevin L.

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  • Dr. Misra is possibly the most attentive, caring and most genuine doctor I have ever met. I saw him for lower abdominal pain, worried I had appendicitis. Dr. Misra kept me calm, showed genuine concern and care, as well as provided me with tons of information. Luckily, I did not have appendicitis, but Dr. Misra made sure to walk me through it all, to figure out what was really going on! What makes him stand out is his commitment to the care of patients and not just the care of symptoms. He made sure to make follow-up phone calls and e-mails, making me feel like a real human being and not just a diagnosis for insurance companies. There is no mistake that Dr. Misra truly cares about his patients and does his job with such professionalism and care. We definitely need more doctors in this world like him!

    ~ Peggy C.

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  • Dr. Misra has been to me a great mentor and friend for about four years now. Through the years, he has not only been a fantastic network, but great friend willing to help through any situation. I love running into Dr. Misra because he always shares positivity and knowledge through every conversation we have. I can honestly say that Dr. Misra is an incredibly intelligent man in not only medicine, but the ability to connect with people. Thank you Dr. Misra for sharing greatness with the world! Also a special thank you for all you help!

    ~ Emilia S.

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  • Dr. Misra provided excellent care for my mom after she injured herself at work. He was quite meticulous, considerate and patient in his care for her, and I appreciate the attention to detail regarding her issue. My mom hates medications in general, and when she heard him say that he didn't want her to take too many medications, she was jumping for joy! :) He made sure that she was signed up for her chiropractor sessions as well. Overall, I would absolutely recommend him without a doubt.

    ~ Saziya L.

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  • Great doctor. Knows his craft. He takes time to listen to you and gives you his complete attention Understood the description of my pain right away. I would recommend Dr Misra my friends and family any day.

    ~ Aslam S.

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  • I went to see Dr. Misra after I received an injury to my leg. He took the time to ask me a series of questions, did an examination followed by light physical stretches to determine my injury. His extensive knowledge and attention to detail helped me avoid going in for unnecessary further scanning, which saved me a lot of money. Anuruddh was very kind, knowledgeable and professional to work with and I highly recommend his expertise to everyone.

    ~ Ben K.

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  • Dr. Misra is an amazing, compassionate physician who is willing to devote his time to help within the community. Though he is not my personal physician, he is always willing to help and advise on health issues of my own. He takes the time to explain everything in a way that is easy to understand. He is knowledgeable on many different topics and knows the importance of the good doctor-patient relationship.

    ~ Christine V.

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  • I am a Nurse Practitioner student who studied under Dr Misra during my second year of school. I have worked alongside and shadowed many clinicians during my career as a nurse and as a NP student and can confidently state that Dr. M is brilliant. He individualizes the experience of each patient and uses every moment to be a teaching moment for both students and patients, alike. As a student, it was an awesome and challenging experience to learn from him. He keeps himself abreast of current research, efficiently practices evidence based medicine, and curated a steady and welcoming learning environment. He pushed me to question and to investigate everything. He stressed the importance of thoroughly understanding labs values, their purpose and use while establishing an appropriate plan for patient, and always made me feel like I could come to him for guidance. While your time as a student with him is challenging, it is also fun and you will learn A LOT. He is an excellent clinical preceptor. For patients, he has a background/subspecialty in sports medicine and is very well versed in musculoskeletal injuries and anomalies. He also is a true primary care provider. He champions for patients who are overweight, suffering from dyslipidemia, hypertension, or looking to generally improve their lifestyles. Furthermore, the clinic itself is pristine. The office is new and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, Dr Misra has several staff members onsite that can immediately implement change towards a pt's health outcomes. In need of a physical therapy session? There is a full time PT available. Do you need the attention of a chiropractor? There is a full time one on site as well. There is also an acupuncturist and a health and wellness nurse, all on hand to help support patients make true and sustainable changes for better health outcomes. As a student, you get to see someone arrive ill and then heal during subsequent follow up visits. For patients, it keeps all components of their health needs centralized in one location. Overall, I had a fantastic experience with Dr Misra!

    ~ Stephanie C.

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  • Wish there was an option for 10 stars! I first approached Dr. Misra about pain in my shoulder which I suspected was caused by a tear in my rotator cuff. I basically over did it on push ups one week and then BOOM. WORST.PAIN.EVER. The only thing that made it more tolerable and the healing process better was the attention and care Dr. Misra gave. He gave so many helpful (and realistic) solutions to my partial tear and managing it that I couldn't have asked for anything better! Hopefully I've learned my lesson and won't repeat this injury... but if I do, I definitely know who I'm going to see!

    ~ Krissy P.

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  • After a long flight from the East Coast to California, I wake up one morning with a horrible ear ache. So here I am, at the closest Urgent Care to my home, the minute it opens. The staff at the counter quickly have you sign in. They ask you for a form of ID and your insurance (which I didn't have at the moment). Self pay is an option, and a relatively in expensive one at that. Prices are clearly listed on their website. I sit down. There are three or four people who have come in at the same time as me, but I'm taken back quickly and greeted by a really sweet nurse. She tells me that she's new and asks me about what brings me in. For a moment, I honestly thought she was the doctor, with how much she seemed to care about my condition! We part ways and I'm left to wait for a few minutes. To my surprise, it's a much shorter wait than any other urgent care I've been to. The doctor comes in, all smiling and friendly. He shakes my hand and introduces himself. His name is Anuruddh Misra. He checks both of my ears, telling me what he's doing and why. When he sits back down, he draws a little diagram of my ear and what he sees. He explains that he thinks my infection may be on the outer ear and why. He then tells me what he thinks about the symptoms I told him I was having (he clearly listened!). He explains the reasoning behind each tiny detail. In the end, he prescribes an ear drop-antibiotic for the specific type of infection. ("different drugs for different bugs" he said.) For the pain, rather than throwing pain meds my way, he offers me some steroidal, anti-inflammatory ear drops. While I'm about to leave, he gives me his card and tells me to email him with an update on my condition and if there is anything he could do further. Come on guys, it's rare for a doctor to go this far for their patient. How sweet. Within a week of leaving the office, my ear feels 100% better. No pain, no inflammation, nothing. I'm so glad to be rid of it all...that is, until my OTHER EAR starts hurting. Ouch. Talk about bad luck. I come in the next day for yet another visit. I fully expect to be picking up another round of antibiotics, and yet, that's not what happens. He checks both my ears one more time, giving me an update on the healed ear, then explaining what he sees in the other. It isn't an infection, he says. My ear drum was inflamed due to clogged sinuses. He gives me one of those tapered medications for inflammation and says I should pick up some Sudafed on my way home. Again, he asks me to email him on my condition. This time, I'm a little worried, because I'm afraid of the pain getting as bad as it did for the first ear. Feeling a little worried, I take the medicine as he says, and guess what? My ear is fine. It's been two days and I'm completely fine. Dr.Misra really knows what he's talking about. If he were ever to open his own office or offer primary care service, he's the one I'd go to, for sure!

    ~ Dakota O.

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  • Dr. Misra is amazing. He is knowledgeable, caring and spends the time to answer questions so you feel informed and comfortable. He is a great health coach. He always reaches out and follows up on issues. I am so pleased and lucky I met Dr. Misra and highly recommend his office.

    ~ Sharok H.

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  • As a matriculating medical school student, I reached out to Dr. Misra in hopes of shadowing him and enhancing my familiarity with the medical field. He is enthusiastic, empathetic, and much more responsive than I expected for a professional of his stature. He invited me to join him for a morning volunteering at the UCSF Cardiac Physical Exams for high school athletes. Rather than letting me sit back and observe, he actively aimed to educate about various ailments we encountered, allowed me to field endless questions, and challenged my thought process. Never did it feel as if Dr. Misra was doing me a favor; the atmosphere he created was inclusive, stimulating, and, perhaps most importantly, collaborative. I only wish I remained in San Francisco long enough to continue cultivating the relationship!

    ~ Derek A.

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  • Dr. Misra has my unequivocal recommendation. He is skilled, knowledgeable, thoughtful, professional, compassionate and caring -- all of the qualities you want in your doctor. Unlike so many of his peers in our medical industry, Dr. Misra does not limit himself to focusing on isolated symptoms or treatment siloes; instead, he employs an holistic approach that recognizes the many inextricable interactions in the human body. He stays abreast of the latest medical research and is keenly mindful of the critical role that lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, stress, etc.) plays in most of our chronic illnesses. It is rare and refreshing to find a doctor that sees his patient as a whole person, not just a medical chart with enumerated symptoms.

    ~ Alex V.

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  • Dr. Misra is an exceptional and very caring orthopedist. I injured my wrist in South Korea where I was attending a wedding. I did see a Korean doctor who advised there was no fracture. A few days later I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Misra who was attending the same wedding. I was advised that Dr. Misra is an orthopedist for 4 major League Baseball teams, so I approached him with some reluctance, figuring that he would be too busy to talk to an average joe/non-elite athlete like me (especially while he was on vacation). To my great surprise and relief, Dr. Misra immediately took me under his care. Dr. Misra was very respectful of the Korean doctor who looked at my wrist a couple days prior, but suspected that the doctor's prognosis that I had no fractures may be incorrect. Dr. Misra looked after me for the remaining week of my trip and kindly wrapped my wrist. During this week, I did not have the kind of improvement Dr. Misra would have liked to see to rule out a fracture. He instructed me on what to do when I got back to the United States. Part of the instructions he gave me were to specifically ask for a scaphoid x-ray and how the X-ray technician should position my hand for the best chance of seeing a fracture. Thanks to this advice I was able to get a good set of x-rays from the emergency room I went to as soon as I touched down in the States. The ER doctor thought I may have a displaced fracture and advised me to get into an orthopedist as soon as possible to discuss surgery. I managed to get seen at my local orthopedist the next day, but did not have a good experience there. I will spare the details of my bad experience with my local orthopedist, but I have to at least mention it in passing because my interaction with that doctor gave me perspective on just how caring and how good of a listener and communicator Dr. Misra is. Dr. Misra, helping me for free, has checked on my wrist at least once a week -- often calling me after his work is finished -- and has answered any questions I've had. He has taken the time to explain his reasoning behind any advice he has given me. The advice he has given me eased my mind when I was feeling helpless in South Korea and set me on the right track for a successful recovery back here in the States. I am truly in Dr. Misra's debt. The ace bandaging Dr. Misra did immobilized my wrist just as the "thumb spica" cast I ended up having now. Dr. Misra is still involved in my care and even offered to review MRI images I got without me asking him. If I lived anywhere near San Francisco, I would without a doubt choose Dr. Misra as my orthopedist and suggest you look no further if you are in need of care.

    ~ Wayne O.

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  • I met with Dr. Misra when I got poison oak. He was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me great advice immediately. I was most impressed that he was willing to communicate with me over email in the days following - and a year later when I had a follow up question. He was under no obligation to do so but took the time to write a thoughtful response. I will continue to seek his counsel in the future as I have been very impressed.

    ~ Ben S.

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  • I was attending a conference near the airport and suddenly realized I had an internal medical emergency. I drove a short distance from the hotel (about 6 miles, VERY convenient) and after a rather short wait (20 minute max, which is much shorter than I am used to at home!) saw Dr. Misra. He took the time to explain exactly what was going on with me, which is not what I thought it was when I walked in. In fact, after being treated so expertly by Dr. Misra, I'm now thinking my home physician has diagnosed the issue incorrectly in the past! (I'll have that discussion next time, I'm sure!) Dr. Misra prescribed exactly the right medication and since I am a Costco member, the pharmacy was conveniently located across the street. In less time than I could ever have thought possible, I had my meds in hand and was well on my way to feeling 100% again. Looking back, this was one of the most positive, informative and hassle free experiences I've ever had. If I lived in South SF, this would be my go-to place for health care. I'm so glad they were there for me! Thanks, Dr. M!

    ~ SLO G.

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  • Dr. Misra is a well-educated and knowledgeable doctor. He is always friendly and very patient when he is seeing patients. He's trying his best to offer the incredible care for whoever needs it. Highly recommended!!

    ~ Jie G.

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  • Great doctor. He takes the time to listen to you and understand your questions. He does his craft well.

    ~ Kevin G.

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  • Dr. Misra is a great physician. His personal manner sets him apart from many professionals I have met. He puts quality of care as his priority to his patients. Dr. Misra makes sure that his patients get the best treatment techniques possible. His sincere compassion, knowledge, and genuine interest in his patients is amazing. Dr. Misra, you are the best.

    ~ Mike O.

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  • A few months ago, I decided to pick up a running routine that I was not physically ready for. I went from not exercising at all, to running for over an hour, 7 days a week. On top of that, I wasn't stretching or warming up beforehand. Needless to say, this was a recipe for disaster and after only a few weeks, I found myself hardly able to walk with an extremely swollen ankle and knee. After trying to self medicate without any improvement, I decided it was time to see a doctor. I recently moved to San Francisco so I didn't have a primary care doctor, or someone I was used to seeing, so I found the closest doctor to where I worked. Making the appointment was very painless (much less so than other offices I had called prior to finally getting a hold of someone at US HealthWorks). I was able to make an appointment for that same afternoon and I went right in. When I met with Dr. Misra, he asked me to describe my symptoms and listened very closely as I explained my situation. The whole time I could tell he was truly engaged and was computing what I was saying. The second I finished, he jumped right in and explained his extensive experience dealing with athletes and sports related injuries and I immediately knew I was in good hands. He shared his own personal experience with a similar injury to mine that he endured, as well as some ways I could manage my pain and prevent an injury like this from happening again in the future. I was so relieved to talk to someone who clearly knew what they were talking about! In addition, Dr. Misra graciously gave me his contact information and told me he would share some relevant links of articles he had written about similar running injuries. I left feeling so comfortable and reassured that with a little bit of ice, rest and ibuprofen I would be fine! Within a week, Dr. Misra kept his word and reached out to me to check up on my progress and to share his articles with me. His bedside manner truly was unparalleled and has continued even after our initial appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Misra and will definitely be returning to him if I endure any sports related injuries again in the future (God forbid!).

    ~ Isabel L.

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is hands down the nicest and most thorough Dr I've come across. He takes his time to get to know your unique case and is incredibly knowledgeable about everything. His demeanor instantly puts you at ease. My husband and I just relocated to the Bay Area and that came with the pains of finding new Drs. Luckily I found Dr Misra. He has helped with recommendations and has met with me without an appointment when I needed some extra advice. He truly remembers each patient and that takes a lot of energy. He answers any emails and questions with kindness. Dr. Misra is an outstanding Dr.

    ~ Jenna F.

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr Misra is great. I've gone to see him twice. He really takes the time to get to know his patients. Last time I went to see him, I showed him something that was bothering me and told me that it bothered him that haven't had it checked. He then referred me to a terrific dermatologist that was able to give me a rundown of everything that was going on with my skin. He's definitely someone I will be going back to

    ~ Jane K.

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is by far the best physician I have had the pleasure to have met. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects. I had facial swelling over the summer with no indication as to what caused it, Dr. Misra knew right away what to prescribe to alleviate my pain and swelling right away! I also broke my left foot a few months ago and he graciously let me borrow his knee scooter for a few months. Without his help I would have been out of work and home bound for quite a while. I'm very impressed with his skills and bedside manner! Thank you Dr. Misra for all your excellent care!

    ~ Kristen D

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. A.K Misra is incredible!! I had an emergency with my son having a concussion. Our primary health provider was giving me the run around, told me his primary physician couldn't clear a concussion. They referred me to the sports medicine department. I called 4 times and they told me i could not get an appointment for 10 days. Then I was referred to Dr. Misra....Dr. Misra was highly recommended to me by an NFL staff member that had worked with him. I called Dr. Misra that day. He was caring, knowledgeable, and informative. He was booked for the next few days but he found a way get my son in the next morning for an exam!! And he said it would be free of charge! He cared about my son and felt he needed to be seen sooner than later. He responded to me within 5 minutes every time i texted him. If you need any type of sports medicine service do yourself a favor and call Dr. Misra! Thanks again A.K!!!!

    ~ Jessica J

    Source: Yelp

  • One of the best preceptors I had. Dr. Misra's awareness of other modalities and his high regard on nutrition and physical fitness in his practice is commendable. I appreciate his time to impart his knowledge and experiences to trainees and novice clinicians. More power Doctor!

    ~ Igor M.

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Mishra is an amazing and knowledgeable doctor. He helped me get my body back on track by giving real examples and so much encouragement. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't know where to begin on my fasting journey

    ~ Kameron J

    Source: Yelp

  • I would recommend this doctor to anyone and everyone. He has helped me so much this last year with my health, that I will always appreciate his advice and wisdom.

    It would be great if all doctors were of this caliber. His current work location is one of the best office staff that I have been involved with and hope to continue to with my medical needs.

    ~ L L

    Source: Yelp

  • I am happy to recommend our new Medical Center at the 3rd Floor of GO for all fellow PG&E employees. I found the center recently and was delighted to know the service was available onsite. I had pain in my ankle after walking extensively during my European vacation and the Medical Center changed my entire healing experience.

    When I returned, I was busy with work and did not have time to visit my primary doctor to address my ankle pain, so I went to our Medical center at PG&E at GO.

    To my surprise, I ran into Anuruddh Misra, MD, FACP. He is an expert in sports injuries, listened to my needs, and was able to specifically address my pain and he walked me through exactly what I would expect in the upcoming few weeks.

    I felt like I had a coach who was helping me through my journey of healing. At the beginning, Dr. Misra spent an hour analyzing my medical history. I shared my medical history and he had time to listen and give the feedback I needed. He even gave me advice on specific running shoes that would match my physical limitations.

    What I liked most about Dr. Misra, is that after his medical diagnosis, he started asking me questions about my life, my lifestyle, being over 50, my job, my posture, and managing my stress level.

    Dr. Misra advised me how to make baby steps in improving my life - how to de-stress, how to lose weight, how to exercise more, and how to be physically fit and happy.

    In sum, thank you PG&E for making the Medical Center at GO happen! Just to be clear, this doctor spent a full hour with me, both listening and addressing my holistic needs!

    Fair enough, my primary care doctor has been my best friend for more than 15 years and is a professor at Stanford U Medical in Palo Alto. Yet, when I visit him for a scheduled appointment, he only has a maximum of 20 minutes, since he has other patients to see.

    We are lucky as an organization to have doctors like Anuruddh Misra, MD, FACP on our staff. Call it "old country medicine" where the doctor has time to talk to you and enough time and willingness to help you out.

    Thank you, PG&E, and Dr. Misra, for creating such an incredible place for super busy professionals like myself.

    ~ Jan P

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is the best - never had a better doctor! He is very professional, knowledgable, caring, friendly and overall just awesome. I am really happy to say that he is now my primary care physician. Thank you Dr. Misra for all you do!!

    ~ Sofia U

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  • 2 years ago i was treated by Dr Misra at USHealthworks in SSF for a work related " hit and run " auto accident. Sustaining Multiple muscle strains / sprains to upper body and finding the reason ( small tear ) why my arm was not progressing as the other injuries were. Dr. Misra 's medical expertise , knowledge of workers comp , his proactive treatment plan , education on the importance of early directed PT for my injuries and his patient advocacy was first and foremost and the core to my road to recovery .Dr Misra could be found walking in the PT area of the clinic where he would speak with his patients , encourage them to keep moving ,and listen to us in what was improving and what he could see that needed further tests or referral to improve the injured body part . As a nurse case manager and now being the patient , I felt that Dr . Misra 's first line of treatment , his medical expertise , workers comp training , and his compassion and listening skills to my symptoms or actions that seem to aggravate the injured body parts ,Dr Mishra's appropriate work restrictions , his further testing or a referral, I felt that Dr Mishra's treatment plan motivated me as the patient to a positive resolution. Thank you .

    ~ Mary P

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr Misra and his team treated my daughter at the President Club Taekwondo competition in Las Vegas earlier this month, Dr Misra and his team were thorough, attentive and helpful. So grateful to have them care my daughter at the time.

    ~ Sandy S

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra worked on my son at a recent Tae kwon Do tournament. He was very calming to us and explained everything we should look for. He monitored my son and we feel so fortunate to have at this tournament.I would recommend him to anyone looking for a positive doctor. Thank you Dr. Misra

    ~ Mari T

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Anu Misra is an awesome and well educated Internist , yet he communicates important health information at his patients level of understanding. He spends as long as it takes for patients to understand what is physically going on with them. Not only do I hold Dr.Misra in high esteem, I also trust and believe that he invests his entire attention when he is with each patient and he also knows when to refer his patients to very competent specialists. Dr. Anu Misra treats each patient as a person, not a $ paycheck. The medical field needs more kind and compassionate doctors like Dr. Misra. Thank you doctor for all the help you provided to my family at the last minute, and making a fast diagnosis that could have been a deadly disease had we not sought specialized help. Thank you

    ~ Lisa S

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is professional, personable and knowledgeable. He is truly an incredible physician and has taught me so much. I was a student Nurse Practitioner with Dr. Misra and I have had nothing short of an amazing experience during my time working with him. I am so impressed by his devotion to his patients, colleagues and students. I consider Dr. Misra a mentor and I am very lucky to have crossed paths with him!

    ~ Ashton P

    Source: Yelp

  • I was a Nurse Practitioner student with Dr Misra this past spring and he is truly one of the most interesting, educated, devoted and motivational instructor I have encountered. His breadth of knowledge is remarkable for such a short career and I look forward to continuing my learning experiences with him. As a provider Dr Misra treats each and every patient with unsurpassed dignity and respect and actually listens. Yes! A Doctor that listens to his patients! I cannot recommend him more highly in all aspects of health care.

    ~ Natalya V

    Source: Yelp

  • I first met Dr. Misra in person as a patient in the clinic - when I was so sick at Christmas-time and my personal physician was gone for the holidays with no back-up. His compassion and empathy was heart-warming.

    I have also had the opportunity to work with Dr. Misra on a professional level, as he has treated some of our injured workers. One injured worker in particular has had a long, ongoing struggle with many doctors, many different opinions and treatment plans for his back injury. When things seemed to be going very awry, Dr. Misra agreed to see this injured worker on very short notice and made the patient feel very comfortable and assured he was in good hands. This same employee's benefits ran out thru the workers comp system and Dr. Misra has done everything possible to make sure the State Disability paperwork and process was handled smoothly in that regard as well

    It's very hard to find a good doctor in the personal sector, let alone the workers comp sector, that ensures his patients are provided amazing care. His sincere compassion, empathy, knowledge, and genuine interest in his patients and their circumstances is definitely a breath of fresh air.

    Kudos, Dr. Misra. You are much appreciated, and deserve nothing less than a "10/10" rating.

    ~ Luci R.

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is a personal, compassionate, caring provider who is articulate, educated and makes the difficult to understand simple. His care and compassion during my injury was impeccable. He is focused on the person as a whole; working on making sure that not just the injury is treated.

    Thank you so much Dr. Misra for making my injury less painful than it could have been.

    ~ Roy C

    Source: Yelp

  • I've known Dr. Misra for over a decade and can give him my highest recommendation. He's is the type of doctor who really cares about his patients. It's easy to ask him questions, as he's willing to take the time to listen and carefully explain things. He is a lifelong learner, always keeping up to date on the latest medical news and advancements. Dr. Misra knew he wanted to be a physician in his early adolescent years. After all these years, he's still passionate about medicine. These qualities make him an outstanding physician that I wholeheartedly recommend.

    ~ Randy H

    Source: Yelp

  • I am a physical therapist and worked along side Dr. Misra for some time until I changed jobs. I regret the fact that I no longer work with him as he is a phenomenal person both personally and professionally. As a physician Dr. Misra is constantly expanding his knowledge base by going above and beyond in his education and research. He has a real thirst for knowledge and wants to achieve the highest level of skill as a doctor.

    Dr. Misra thinks outside the box and puts quality of care as his top priority for all of his patients. Dr. Misra communicates effectively with other healthcare professionals making sure that his patients get the best treatment techniques possible.

    Personally he has been willing to give me very helpful advice and insight on how to live a healthier lifestyle. He has shared valuable information and resources about nutrition that has changed my view on how to be healthy. As a physical therapist I have always been into exercise but with his advise on nutrition I am even more proactive about my health. Thanks for everything Dr. Misra!!

    ~ Kirk R

    Source: Yelp

  • I recently received care from Dr. Misra at US Health Works in South San Francisco. I had sustained a mild concussion from Krav Maga Training and I was very fortunate to have had Dr. Misra examine my situation at a walk-in appointment. Dr. Misra is a highly professional doctor who also specializes in Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine. Not only was he incredibly helpful and informative in regards to explaining to me the different factors of my trauma, he was extremely knowledgeable in the information in which he shared with his patient. Dr. Misra remained in contact with me after my first visit and scheduled a follow-up appointment to ensure my recovery and well-being. He shows genuine concern about his patients and puts forth the effort to make sure progress takes place. I am pleased with the service that he has provided and continues to provide. Dr. Misra is one of the best doctors I have ever worked with and someone who I'd highly recommend to others, undoubtedly.

    I injured my lower back over the weekend and had asked Dr. Misra for advice. He was extremely helpful and swift to respond, despite it was during non office hours. We had a extensive phone conversation about my incident, he provided a diagnosis and suggestions on actions I may consider taking. Dr. Misra willingly proceeded to schedule a home visit on such short notice to ensure my state of well being. He passed along a plethora of studies and articles on back injuries and I felt a sense of security instantly after our chat. I cannot ask for a better physician.

    ~ Janice N

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra was incredibly attentive and caring in his follow up. Although I needed to see a different doctor because my injury required surgery, Dr. Misra continued to treat me as a patient. He called me a few times to check in while I was securing a surgeon, and has been in contact via email ever since. I am blown away by his dedication to me, even though I only met with him once and have been seeing a different doctor. It is obvious he is passionate about his work and has a strong sense of responsibility and compassion for everyone he treats.

    ~ Briana W

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is awesome. My experience seeing him gave me hope for the medical system. I needed to see an orthopedic doctor to further diagnose a shoulder injury and get advice for treatment. He was able to diagnose me further but more importantly he really took the time to explain the my injury. Even though it was a busy day in the clinic, he didn't rush through it. As well, he encouraged me to follow up with him and keep him updated. The next day he followed up with me and sent me literature about my injury. As well, he was just a really nice guy. As for orthopedic doctors, the fact that he worked at a walk in clinic was awesome. It would have taken at least a month to get in to see any other doctor at a regular office. I would not of known the extent of my injury or how to treat it for that whole time, which to me seems like a bad system. Even though his office was an hour and a half away, I would go see him for anything if I need to see a doctor again...

    ~ Mike E

    Source: Yelp

  • I worked with Dr. Misra as a scribe for a year before entering medical school. Though he talks a mile a minute, he's always trying to make sure that the patients fully understand their condition and treatment options. Both in and outside the exam room he's a kind, thoughtful, and sharp physician.

    ~ Nicholas T

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is an excellent physician. He has seen me for a couple different injuries and has helped me recover with each. He's always upbeat and has a great outlook on life and cares immensely for his patients. I would recommend Dr. Misra to anyone.

    ~ Gino S

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr Mishra is an articulate and intuitive physician. He diagnosed my knee, and covered all angles to make sure that I was healing properly and to prevent future issues. I recommend him for his knowledge and thoroughness. Seek Dr Mishra for your medical concerns!

    ~ Joel P

    Source: Yelp

  • When I first met Dr. Misra he was taking care of me as a patient (see previous review). He took the time to get to know me and found out I was in school to become a Nurse Practitioner; he then took it on his behalf to offer a learning rotation under him. I was lucky and blessed to learn from Dr. Misra as an NP-Student for 4 months. The learning experience phenomenal. Dr. Misra displayed great knowledge and used evidence based practice when caring for patient and teaching. He was always there to educate me and the patient. He prompted learning by engaging me on medical topics that applied to the patient population. His teaching skills and demeanor help facilitate my learning. Not only did I learn clinical knowledge from him, but also excellent customer service. Charachter and professionalism was displayed at all times from Dr. Misra.

    ~ Kris A

    Source: Yelp

  • I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Misra a few months ago when he came to my house to administer my first dose of Gilenya. I was very nervous cause I'm one of those patients that gets every side effect on the list. But Dr. Misra's calm personality put me at ease. He is very knowledgeable and yet so down to earth. He had to monitor me for 6 hrs and it went by so fast. It felt like he was one of my friends that came by to hangout. Thank you Doc! We need more doctors like you!

    ~ Metasebia B

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra was simply amazing. His background in sports medicine was especially helpful for my injury. He was prompt to get my scheduled, follow-up & answered all my questions. Highly recommended.

    ~ Meghan L

    Source: Yelp

  • Took my mom for a visit with Dr Misra.He was very professional and pleasant.Took great care of her.Great person with great personality.

    ~ Zeynuba D

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is a delightful professional. He recently had to spend most of a Saturday at our home, hourly monitoring my wife's reaction to new medication. Although he could have used the down time between monitorings for himself, he instead graciously indulged us with wonderful, insightful conversation in a broad array of interests we shared.

    When it came time to test my wife's vitals and to diagnose her symptoms, he was all business. His knowledge of sports medicine was particularly valuable, in that he was able to give my wife a different perspective on those symptoms.

    We highly recommend Dr. Misra for his medical expertise, his professionalism, and his warm and charming humanity.

    ~ John C

    Source: Yelp

  • I also reached out to Dr. Misra after reading a few of his blog posts, and he was incredibly friendly and forthcoming! I asked for his advice regarding my career path, difficult education decisions, and sports medicine, and he went above and beyond anything I could've asked for. Dr Misra continues to keep an interest in my career and serves as a mentor figure, as I hope to enter the field of sports medicine. I hope to one day have the opportunity to visit his clinic in San Fransisco and learn from him in person!

    ~ Ajay S

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  • On July 11th 2016, I was in so much pain and couldn't walk. I had no idea what was going on with me because my ankle was swollen and very painful to walk. I called my primary care doctor but was not available to see me. I refused to go to ER because of the high cost. I contacted US HealthWorks Medical Group and the friendly staff told me to come in right away. So, I did. I met Dr. Misra and was very pleased with his fast services. This young Doctor order to have X-rays done right-away. Dr. Misra gave me an accurate medical diagnosis.

    Dr. Misra is an excellent doctor and it shows in his professional demeanor. Dr. Misra has a knowledgeable, hard working team. I am so please with the Healthcare I received! I would recommend this place to anyone that needs urgent care right away and get the medical care that you deserve!

    ~ Leticia B

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is a highly professional doctor who is able to deduce what actions need to be taken next from his experience and education. He is concerned about you as a person and takes into account how you feel about each step of the process. I have found this to be rare to find in a doctor. It is nice to be treated as a person, not just a patient. He is very educated and personable. He makes the extra effort to make sure you are continuing to progress and offer any help you need in the process.

    This is one of the best doctor's I have ever encountered and would definitely recommend him to others.

    ~ Rachelle M.

    Source: Yelp

  • Great guy! Feels like family is looking after you. I felt comfortable in his presence.

    ~ Kim D

    Source: Yelp

  • I was very impressed with the medical services and care I received from Dr. Anuruddh Misra over the course of a few months . He is genuinely a nice guy. Dr. Misra is young, bright and committed to patient care and their well being. He cares about his patients, is very easy to talk to, listens to the patient, ask questions and discusses all the available treatment options.

    Dr. Misra is trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional. If you want a doctor who truly cares about your health and well being, Dr. Misra's is your man.

    ~ Sanjay P

    Source: Yelp

  • excelent Doctor Misra #1 Doctor in the Bay area Go to US Health by the airport love comming here pls come here including all type of sport injury am sure hell take care of let go! 49 players baseball player hockey basketball player come to US health best doctor in the Bay area love comming here

    ~ Mh I

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  • Dr Misra is an outstanding medical practitioner. In addition to his considerable depth of knowledge and excellent diagnostic skills , he exhibits at each and every appointment remarkable patience. We live in an era when doctor appointments are all too often rushed affairs and one has the distinct impression the doctor was being pressured to see as many patients as possible each and every day. Dr. Misra's approach is the opposite. He has wonderful patience coupled with a gentle, caring manner. He always listens carefully considering the patient's concerns. This makes for a reassuring

    experience at a time when one is often very worried over health related issues. One leaves feeling one is being taken care of in no uncertain manner. I recommend Dr. Misra very highly indeed.

    ~ Mervyn D

    Source: Yelp

  • Like all the other reviews say Dr Misra is a one of a kind awesome Dr. I hurt my shoulder at work and he answered all my questions and even drew a diagram of the shoulder muscles to explain to me in more detail. When I told him the medicine he gave me made me feel to groggy in the mornings he showed genuine concern and apologized for not asking me about it before (I had been given the medicine before I just didnt know the generic name).

    ~ Johnnmichael J

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra was excellent! He treated me like a superstar, he was very detailed in his explanations and very knowledgeable.

    I am a tennis player, my injury was sports related and he definitely knows how to treat an athlete.

    He has helped me with two injuries. A ankle sprain and a knee injury as well. He helped me tons on both, gave me a lot of confidence to make them better. Dr Misra is definitely one of the best physicians I've ever met and an extraordinary person as well :)

    ~ Fernando R

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra is very knowledgeable, well educated doctor, very attentive, caring, he explains to me in a "plain language" what is wrong with my knee ;( he takes time to call me on his time off, he keep in touch with me via email. He even talk to my husband, I have to say my dearest husband is very over protective over me and Dr. Misra had a patient of a Buda!

    He has many, many patients passing his office, but when he see you on a hallway - he always stop by and asks : how is everything, are you getting better? Amazing! Would I recommend him ? YES! I wish all my doctors were like him ;)))

    ~ Anna D

    Source: Yelp

  • My partner was recently diagnosed with M.S. and Dr. Misra provided his care and expertise in administering the first dosage of medication. The process took approximately from 9 am to about 4:30 pm and services were provided at our home. Throughout the whole process Dr. Misra explained and answered all questions and concerns of both family and patient, provided valuable insights regarding food and nutritional habits/behaviors, and engaged in non-medical conversations which helped alleviate everyone's anxieties. The whole interaction reminded me of when I was six years old and our primary care physician would come to our home when I was sick and practiced a more involved approach to a person's way of life by observing and helping a patient in their environment. When Dr Misra was done and left our home I asked my partner and his patient, "What did you think about Dr. Misra? His reply was "He was very calming and settling of spirit. I felt comfortable and at ease with him. It was like having a long time friend assist me. I am very happy and satisfied with Dr. Misra."

    ~ Joseph K

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Kumar Misra has been such a wonderful doctor and always attentive to both urgent and non-urgent medical matters. He responds immediately to any inquires and offers knowledegable feedback such as relating to sports injuries ailments. He makes one feel at ease over the telephone and in person and provides excellent medical care. He is a very kind and thoughtful person. Thank you Dr. Misra!

    ~ Patricia A

    Source: Yelp

  • I was travelling on business from the Southeast and had a medical issue. I went in to see Dr Misra and that was a smart move. He has the best personality and compassion for his patients that I have ever experienced. First class Doc and person.

    ~ M A

    Source: Yelp

  • I am a competitive youth soccer player and been playing for a while in one of the elite soccer leagues. When I started to come upon a serious Sports related injury, I wanted to ensure I was seen by a top flight Sports Medicine physician so I looked up (and came upon) Dr. Misra. I was so pleased with the encounter -- with his gentle approach, Dr. Misra explained in detail my diagnosis, and offered follow up on as needed basis. Dr. Misra is very nice. He made himself completely accessible and available. I liked his exceptional communication skills to breakdown the treatment plan for me which was conforting and put me at ease. The care recommendations were both accurate and successful as I returned to my pre-injury level of play. Dr. Misra's extensive experience with youth and professional athletes reassured my concerns on my care needs which I felt were well looked after.I really believe and highly recommend Dr. Misra which I believe is an outstanding medical professional for all athletically oriented individuals and others looking for the rare combination of confidence and humilty in practice from their physician." Thank you Dr. Misra... You are wonderful!!

    ~ Eden S

    Source: Yelp

  • With over 20 years of healthcare management I could say I have experienced the ultimate care by a great provider. " Dr. Misra is one of the few physicians I can say saved my unhealthy life. I knew of his reputation as an Internist prior so when I found myself doubled over with severe stabbing abdominal pain, I went to him immediately. In rapid fashion he was able to make the correct diagnosis and arranged for me to get surgery in an immediate manner. The follow through to the Emergency Department and afterwards far exceeds anything I have experienced from any other MD prior. He also informed my place of employment of how serious the condition was and the emergent nature of the care required. He has kept in touch with me and ensured my care was seen through to completion. He has advanced knowledge as it relates to nutrition, weight management/control and endocrinology which has helped me beyond words since this life threating ordeal. Since, I have had a complex orthopedic issue for which he has been helpful to direct care for per his Sports Medicine subspeciality. He sought out further recommendations from other subspecialists regarding my issue with relevant MDs working with at the time. Apart from being intelligent, a complete professional and through, he additionally incredibly resourceful and knows so many other highly credentialed MDs like himself for seemingly any and every kind of problem you may have. Consider youself fortunate if you care the target of his mind, caring and concern." Thank you Dr. Misra!

    ~ W S

    Source: Yelp

  • Dr. Misra came for a home visit to monitor the start of a new medication. He was incredibly friendly and made sure my family and I understood the procedures before he took any action. The nurse partitioner ended up not showing up, but Dr. Misra took care of her responsibilities as well. Needless to say, he definitely knew what he as talking about and doing. He had to stay in our house for 6+ hours and he as extremely patient and even started many conversations with us. When we had a question about the medication and we couldn't get a hold of our doctor's office, Dr. Misra took it into his own hands to call doctors on duty to have the question answered. I appreciated how despite not providing answers to any question that he isn't super confident about, he was completely dedicated to getting it answered by someone who was. Keeping the patient's best interest in mind should be priority. All in all, I highly recommend this great doctor!

    ~ Iris Z

    Source: Yelp

  • I recently moved back to the Bay Area and needed to see a doctor for a head injury. I located Dr. Misra through sheer luck! I was seen almost immediately! Dr. Misra took time to hear my health concerns and was so attentive. They don't make doctors like this anymore, so if you're lucky enough to find one, stick with him/her. I wish I could have Dr. Misra as my primary care physician. HE'S OUTSTANDING! Thank you doctor!

    ~ Renee B

    Source: Yelp

  • I brought my son in to see Dr. Anuruddh Kumar Misra at his clinic U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group in South SF on a super busy Monday a day when our regular doctor was down with the flu. My son had to return to college the next day so there was no waiting. And the clinic that day was packed so we did not get in to see Dr. Misra until about 3+ hours after arrival. In fact, we were the last patient to see him and even though it was about 7:30pm he still too a lot of time to determine the proper course of treatment for my son's ear issue. He was not rushed and made us feel totally focused on and attentive to explaining everything. I came to understand the Dr. Misra had been at the clinic since 6:30am and was the only Dr on duty since the other doctor had called in sick. So by the time he saw us he was on duty over 12+ hours but still did not rush us through. He was warm, personal, and utterly attentive to our situation. And then a few days after our visit, after my son had already returned to college Dr. Misra followed up with a phone call to check in on his condition and how he was doing. And then I emailed him back and he emailed me back right away. I could tell Dr. Misra's concern was genuine and authentic. I was blown away since this has not been my experience with many doctors, especially ones with the workload Dr. Misra has with seeing so many folks at his clinic.

    Anyway, I would highly recommend Dr. Misra to anyone who is looking for a bright, caring, warm and thorough primary care physician to trust their own personal healthcare or for their family members. I plan to see him again for myself even given the extremely positive experience I had with his initial care and then follow-up for my son.

    ~ WavenDean F

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